Lelli Kelly LKSC8400 F Colourissima Hearts Black Patent



Colourissima” school shoes come with colourable and interchangeable straps, which little girls can colour in as they please, reveling in the chance to customise an object as important as their school shoes. With every pair of “Colourissima” school shoes, Lelli Kelly also supplies other types of straps, in plain black and not intended to be coloured in, making “Colourissima” ideal for any type of school dress code or for any formal occasion.

Of course, as psychologists and graphologists tell us, in order to have a complete indication of children’s feelings through colours, they must be considered as a part of complete drawings and interpreted within a wider context.

From the Italian brand – Lelli Kelly these Black Patent Colorissima Heart Strap School Shoes will be a stylish and playful addition to their everyday footwear. – Crafted from soft – coated leather. – Velcro closure at the front. – Lining and insole made of natural leather for comfort and breathability. – Natural rubber sole is highly resistant to abrasion. – Comes with three pairs of interchangeable straps with assorted designs.

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28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37


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