Postep orthopedic/prophylactic laced shoes



Sandals, orthopedic and prophylactic laced slippers PROGRESS

Upper >> natural leather
Lining >> leather (natural leather)
Heel >> highly stiffened, over the ankle
Insole >> leather inserts spurning longitudinal flat feet – profiled Clasp >> shoelace bottom >> light styrogum, Thomas underside (you can change the characteristics of the bottom according to orthopedic prescription) Certificate >> ” HEALTHY FOOT ”

They  correct >> longitudinal flat feet and valgus heels

 this product has the "Zdrowa Stopa" certificate

1. Proper shape of the front part and the height of the tip are adjusted to the feet without limiting the movements of the metatarsophalangeal joints and the joints of the toes;
2. High shank stiffening the ankle joint;
3. A resilient tab that stabilizes the walk and keeps the axis of the heel and the axis of the shank in the correct position;

4. Good lengthening of the footwear through the use of long lacing or a specially selected clasp that facilitates easy insertion of the shoe, allowing for adjustment to the dimensions of feet with different widths.

The Thomas heel in Progress shoes is intended to support the prophylaxis of the treatment of a foot defect, which
consists in increasing the sole of the shoe by a few millimeters (depending on the child’s age and height). Its assumption is to change the way of loading the growth zone of the child’s leg.

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