Ren But PROGRESS slippers, prophylactic sandals with Thomas heel



Progress prophylactic slippers are made of the highest quality natural leather. Stiffening the heel ensures the proper development of the child’s sensitive foot, ensuring that the child’s foot has a sense of stability and stiffens the ankle joint while walking. The sole has a modified Thomas heel, which is non-slip and adapts to the child’s mobility. Thanks to the adjustable clasp, we can adjust the shoes to different shapes of feet.

Footwear is classified as a class I medical device 

The advantages of the footwear are:
– appropriate shape of the front part not limiting the movements of the metatarsophalangeal joints and toes joints,
– high upper optimally stiffened,
– proper stiffening of the heel
– a modified heel Thomas extended from the medial side, supporting vaulted longitudinal alloys,
– a high nose of appropriate width
– good fitted footwear by using two Velcro strips, allowing to adjust to the dimensions of the foot with different widths,
– footwear having an insert leather, profiled,
– application natural raw materials of the highest quality

It is worth buying a product that allows you to avoid the dangerous consequences of using improperly made and poorly fitted footwear (flat feet, valgus of the feet and knees, joint pain, spine defects, fatigue, etc.)
The materials used in the footwear ensure safety and comfort of use, and additionally ensure the proper development of children’s feet

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