SuperFit Spotty Baby Boy Slippers



These cute superfit first learners for indoors are a real eye-catcher and make children’s hearts beat faster. The cute motifs are a real highlight for the little adventurers. The fine textile nestles gently against the foot.

Thanks to the higher shaft, a firm hold is guaranteed and Spotty can be individually adjusted to the foot thanks to the Velcro fastener. Because it can be opened wide, an easy entry is guaranteed. The PVC sole is non-slip and has splashes that improve traction. Spotty is manufactured in the WMS width M III.

The Spotty first walking shoes let children’s eyes shine through playful design motifs. On the sole were integrated “splashs”, which visually resemble water splashes and improve grip. The ankle-high shaft and lightweight lace, heel and joint protection ensure a firm stand and light gear.

As a special design highlight, some variants use fluorescent yarn, so that the slippers shine in the dark at least the same way as the children’s eyes.

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21, 22, 24, 25